New Band of the Day #132: Worn Out

worn out

Debut single ‘With False Hope’ out now.

Who: Xander Coughlan – Vocals, Isaac Riordan – Guitar/Vocals, Brian Bowell – Bass and Evan Prendergast – Drums.

What: Hardcore/metal.

Where: Cork, Ireland.

Why: I feel like a broken record at this stage, but Ireland is awash with the most excellent aggressive music recently. From the pummeling thunder of ILENKUS to the more melodic work of Bitch Falcon, the country is kicking ass and taking names.

The latest band to crop up in Cork is hardcore/metal outfit Worn Out. Crafting a raw and malevolent gash of noise, the quartet come across like a more stripped down version of Converge as they trudge through their riffs with less frantic, but no less cathartic, mayhem than their peers. Plus, the production value on their debut video is ridiculously excellent. Must try to catch them next time they pop up in town live.

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