New Band of the Day #128: クロワッサンシカゴ

Croissant Chicago

爾来電視 – Jirai Denshi is out now.

Who: No idea.

What: Math rock mixed with traditional Japanese music.

Where: Tokyo, Japan.

Why: So. According to Google Translate, ‘クロワッサンシカゴ’ means ‘Croissant Chicago’. It’s the project of a person from Tokyo, or who at least lives in Tokyo. That’s about all I know about the creator of this odd magnificence.

Other than that, the music is a frantic amalgamation of the intricacies of math rock with the sensibilities and vibe of Japanese traditional music. Or what I think Japanese traditional music is like. I’m no expert. You know, something makes me think that many Japanese people would dislike this mixture, just like many Irish despise the mixture of punk with trad that manifests in the form of Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. But, you know, I don’t really care. I dig the frenetic and weirdly soothing mix and mash that these two disparate styles bring to the table.

I’m in.

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