New Band Of The Day #100: Blood Child

blood child

Danish post-punk in the vein of Yung and Iceage.

Who: Emil Bertelsen, Hjalte Ross, Mads Bertelsen, and Lasse Krüger.

What: Post-punk (FFO: Iceage, Yung, Danish post punk).

Where: Denmark

Why: With the rise of Iceage and Yung over the last few years, a lot of eyes and ears have been focused on the burgeoning post punk scene in Denmark. Aptly, the established sound seems to be one of detached coldness but with an undercurrent of unsettling disenchantment.

Blood Child, featuring two younger brothers of The Entrepeneurs frontman Mathias Bertelsen, are the latest to make their way out the Scandanavian country. Mining a more melodic path than Iceage, the group focus on ramping up intensity filled hooks than blugeoning the listener over the head with anarchic chaos.

Take ‘Psycho’ as an example. A simultaneously driving and hypnotic track, the song possesses a genuinely unnerving sensibility as the refrain of “Cos I’m a psycho” is repeated with increasing anxiety and impetus.

Then there’s also ‘Suicide Boy’ which begins in a relatively subdued fashion before becoming more and more driving and atmospheric, conjuring images of black and white films and cigarettes.

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