New Band Of The Day #101: Joey Gavin

joey gavin

Gavin’s new single ‘Rolf Harris is a Paedophile’ is out now via Little L Records.

Who: Joey Gavin (Bassist from Dublin fuzz pop group THUMPER).

What: Psych Folk (FFO: Grizzly Bear, Hop Along, Devendra Banhart).

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

Why: Two reasons. He writes the heck out of a song. And he doesn’t shy away from big topics. His latest track, ‘Rolf Harris is a Paedophile’, deals with the titular offender along with Jimmy Savile, and the Tuam babies. Tough stuff indeed. All this is wrapped in a series of ascending and descending melodies, riffs, and a suprisingly laid back drum beat considering the subject matter.

Gavin’s approach is a far cry from his noise pop inflecked work with THUMPER. He released his first EP Circlesin 2015, which had a more sombre Nick Drake alt folk vibe. His previous single ‘Run’ say Joey take a more psych influenced sound that has continued to his new single. He also has plans to record a debut album very soon. Let’s hope he continues to develop his sound, because it’s all been a raging success thus far.

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