New Band Of The Day #102: God Alone.

god alone

Debut EP ‘Intivum’ out now.

Who: Jake O’Driscoll (Guitar/Vocals), Cian Mullane (Bass/Vocals), Matt Corrigan (Synthesizer), Seán Thompson (Guitar), Dylan Kelly (Keys) and Jack O’Hanlon (Drums).

What: Post/black metal (FFO: Cult of Luna, ISIS (the band!), Neurosis).

Where: Cork, Ireland.

Why: Combining the nuance and atmosphere of post metal with the chaotic and frenzied vocals of black metal, Cork’s God Alone. create a sound that is both tense and pummeling on debut EP Intivum. They’ve also got a full stop in their name for no apparent reason that I know of anyway.

The EP creeps out of the gates with the title track. Featuring what sounds like a sample of an old traditional Irish song, the track slowly explores a simple but tense riff that slowly builds to incorporate thundering bass and thumping drums before finally exploding into a cathartic and violent cacophony. An emotional and challenging track, it is a credit to the young band that they chose to lead the EP with such a song.

From there, things get a bit more concise and streamlined with ‘Samhain’ clocking in at just over seven minutes, while ‘She Was The Sea’ comes in at precisely five. A worthy addition to the Irish metal scene.

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