New Band Of The Day #103: Taken By Floods

taken by floods

Debut EP ‘Beckon The Tides’ is out now.

Who: Simon Bryant (all instruments).

What: Post metal (FFO: Pelican, Neurosis, Explosions In The Sky).

Where: London, England.

Why: Here’s some more post metal for your eyes today after Cork’s God Alone. featured as ‘New Band of the Day’ yesterday. Taken By Floods is the one man project of Simon Bryant, a music producer from London who had previously been a bassist in some band sin his teens before becoming a DJ in his early 20’s.

What I’m hot for in his music is his seamless combination of big, filthy, chugging riffs of heft and fury with the most nuanced, melancholic, and delicate passages of music. It is an instrumental affair but at no point does it feel like there is something missing melodically. This is a terrible beauty. I love it.

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