New Band Of The Day #105: Shakedown Stockholm

Stockholm Shakedown

‘Out of Mind’ is out now.

Who: A seven piece comprised of female (Joanna/Davina) and male (Danny/Ryan) twins.

What: Indie rock (FFO: Fleetwood Mac, Blondie).

Where: Chesire, UK.

Why: Described by Alan McGee (Creation Records) as a ‘bluesy Fleetwood Mac’, I reckon this Chesire based seven piece also have a bit of Blondie about them on new track ‘Out of Mind’. Perhaps it is due to the driving guitar triplets that propel the song. This combined with the soulful and powerful vocals, has a distinct hint of ‘Atomic’ to my ears.

There’s also a drama and earnestness to this song, that flits and flays off the vocal melody with aplomb. In short, it’s an old school indie disco dance floor filler that should serve the band well as the climactic song in their live show. The lyrics tell the story of a couple who, despite years apart from each other and a checkered past, always knew they were destined for each other. Sometimes I think that such a story is possible, sometimes I don’t. But, it’s best to keep some hope alive, right?

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