New Band Of The Day #107: Diamond Thug

diamond thug

Who: Chantel Van T (Vocals, Keys), Danilo Queiros (Bass, Production), Adrian Culhane (Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocals, Production), Ted Buxton (Drums).

What: Alternative pop

Where: Cape Town, South Africa.

Why: South African quartet Diamond Thug are on to something. Combining a multitude of genres, they have crafted a hazy and melodic approach to pop music that is accessible without being patronising. Taking hazy synth work and melding that with structure and hooks that call to mind bands such as Foals, the group’s songs intertwine and mesmerise.

Take new track ‘Cosmic Dreamer’ as an example. As synths wash over the listener in a guaze of gentle massage, Chantel Van T’s honeyed vocals, along with some solid ryhthm work, imbue the song with a direction and enchantment. Have a listen.

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