New Band of the Day #109: NAH.


Who: Brendan Ra Tyler – Singer, Bass Guitar, Stephen Rodriguez – Drums, Beat Maker, Kristina Marie – Violin, Synthesizers, Sound designer, Ian D. – Guitar

What: Psychedelic rock

Where: Washington, DC.

Why: As far as I can tell, NAH. live together in Washington, DC. Which is just as you’d expect it in such a legendary community based music scene. Their sound is a mixture of psych rock with more gritty elements and bags of melody. ‘Flying’ has a very cool Madchester vibe that swirls and sways with delicacy and melody.

This next one is about “fascism, bloated military industrial complex, and the struggles of student debt.” All the big issues together. It is certainly a track that has its fair amount of anger and tension. What I love about it is how it combines psychedelic rock verses with a very very Fugazi like shouted chorus. I swear I can hear Guy Picciotto. It then heads into very un-Fugazi guitar solo territory.

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