New Band of the Day #119: For Giants

for giants

New LP Big Sky is out now.

Who: Eric Lowery – Guitar, Bass, Mix & Master, Earl Lee – Guitar, Bass, Drums .

What: Instrumental djent mixed with post rock. Self label as ‘Ambient Progressive Metal’.

Where: New York.

Why: This duo from New York seemlessly meld the cold and technical riffage of djent bands like Gojira and Meshuggah with the soaring emotional heft of post rock. Thrown on top of that are shit loads of Joe Satriani type guitar solos. It makes for quite the experience.

Big Sky is their second album, following on from their debut, You Are The Universe, which was released in 2015. They’ve really hit their stride this time. Take ‘Kintsugi’ as an example. Confidence and ability is just dripping from this track. Fun, emotional, and hard hitting, the song should be a case study in genre melding.

Another highlight is ‘Manhatten Bridge’ which starts with a distinctly math rock inflected riff before heading into full on djent territory. Most important is the emotional heft of the track as it soars dramatically to a climactic denouement.

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