New Band of the Day #121: LOVE/LUST


Debut EP sorrows is out now.

Who: This information seems a bit thin on the ground.

What: Post black metal, post metal, screamo.

Where: Berlin, Germany.

Why: I don’t particularly favour screamo and black metal. If you care. However, when their elements are dynamically infused into the post metal of Berlin based group LOVE/LUST the result is a visceral and emotional blast of ferocity combined with delicate reflection. It’s refreshing to hear a group attempt to meld and fuse genres together in new and interesting waves. In the current age of retromania this can sometimes be a forgotten practice.

The lead track from LOVE/LUST’s debut EP is a prime example of this melding. Beginning with a simple and delicate riff that would be at home on a post rock record, the listener is lulled into thinking they are in for the typical post rock fare. However, just under the three minute mark the track explodes into blast beats, lo-fi black metal riffs, and a howling vocal that is definitely disturbing. However, underlying this is hopefulness and dynamism that is rarely found in black metal.

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‘And Drift Away’ is certainly a more restrained and considered affair. Led out by another simple and chiming riff that is near Metallica in it’s straightforward aspect, the track is one that slowly builds through passages of forlorn aggression, exquisitely beautiful hope, and unrepentant despair. A tour de force.

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