New Band of the Day #122: Jessica Moss

jessica moss

New album Pools of Light out now via Constellation Records.

Who: Jessica Moss of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra.

What: Neo classical / ambient (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Stars of the Lid, A Winged Victory For The Sullen).

Where: Montreal, Canada

Why: It is rather difficult to grapple and struggle with words that cannot possibly do justice to the solo work of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra’s Jessica Moss. I shall try. On her debut album, Pools of Light, Moss explores sonic texture rather than up front melody. Her approach to violin is to meld classical, folk, and modern approaches to the instrument so that the sound reconvenes in a place that is melancholic, stately, and soothing.

‘Glaciers II’, streaming below, crafts an image of the snow and desolation of early quiet winter mornings as the piece leisurely makes its way from minimalism to a grander and more euphoric denouement eleven minutes later. So well deserved and earned is the climax that once it arrives it washes over the listener in a similar manner to what one feels after a great accomplishment. A spellbinding and astonishing tour de force.

Listen to Pools of Light:

See Jessica Moss Live:

14.10.17 Malmo, SE, Dream Music
16.10.17 Oslo, NO, BLA
18.10.17 Gothenburg, SE, Folken
20.10.17 Durbe, LT, Zemlika Festival
21.10.17 Brighton, UK, Sticky Mike’s Frog w/ BIG | BRAVE
22.10.17 Manchester, UK, Star and Garter w/ BIG | BRAVE
23.10.17 London, UK, Underworld w/ BIG | BRAVE
25.10.17 Rennes, FR, Bar Hic w/ BIG| BRAVE
26.10.17 Nantes, FR, Soy Festival w/ BIG | BRAVE
27.10.17 Lille, FR, L’Antre w/ BIG | BRAVE
01.11.17 Brussels, BE, Vorst Nationaal / Forest National w/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor
02.11.17 Amsterdam, NL, Paradiso w/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor
03.11.17 Berlin, DE, Festsaal Kreuzberg w/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor
05.11.17 Hanover, DE, Indiego w/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor
07.11.17 Paris, FR, Elysée Montmartre w/ Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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