New Band of the Day #124: Mono Club

mono club

New single ‘Memory Critical’ out now.

Who: John Herbert, Dan Bell, Jake Bowser, Nicky Francis, and Kyle Hall.

What: Indie psych/alt pop.

Where: London, United Kingdom

Why: London’s Mono Club are only on their second single, but already have established a dreamy and confident sound of a band much deeper into their discography. Latest single ‘Memory Critical’ is a chiming, laidback and melodic effort that heads along territory similar to that of The Beatles and their most reflective and calm. Straddling a perfect balance between modern psych and alt pop, the song is one of those that is easy on the ear and seems inoffensive, but before you know it, you’re singing it in the shower.

The track is the band’s second release from their upcoming album Sky High and Submarine. Apparently the song “highlights the transient nature of memory, and reminds us that life is full of opposites and the grey areas in-between, love and hate, happy and sad, up and down.” If you can’t relate with that, I suspect you might be an alien.

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