New Band of the Day #125: Tim Bernardes

Tim’s Debut Album Recomeçar Is Out Now Via Tratore

Who: Tim Bernardes

What: Singer-Songwriter/Chamber Folk/MPB

Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why: It’s the weight of small gestures that hit the hardest. They make take awhile to arrive, creeping into your head as you lay in bed to sleep, but when they do, they are unrelenting. Thoughts of what exactly they meant when they did that thing will consume the mind. Of what it means for your relationship, for your secret love, for everything. Exponentially growing like a plague as layers and layers of meaning are laid down upon it. This is the world captured in Tim’s debut album.

On songs like “Tanto Faz” he captures long nights lost in thought, turning over those micro-impressions. Singing despondent thoughts like

In a sort of dark room
Open window
Door leaning open
The night is so beautiful
Yet I'm here missing you

But its not the words themselves that give it such power, I mean, we’ve heard songs like these our whole life. Star struck agony is cheap, no, it’s the way these words float over twinkling guitars and drums that echo across the songs’ negative space. It’s beautiful, but stark, and simple. These are not big thoughts, so wisely Tim makes sure that these are not big songs. The gentle finger picking and open strummed chords float, and Tim’s whispered falsetto sucks up the space left behind.

And when Tim reaches for something larger, like on the album’s title track, the crescendo feels almost dainty, like a whimpering howl out of a man too tired to yell. Tim proves himself to be a consummate artisan, dealing in restraint and considered punches.

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