New Band of the Day #126: Eric Frisch

Eric Frisch

New single ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ out now.

Who: Eric Frisch!

What: Pop rock (The Black Keys, Phil Collins and Foals).

Where: New York City.

Why: There are a couple of things that immediately arrested me about American modern blues singer/songwriter Eric Frisch. Number one was his rather unconventional decision to write a song that only contains the line “Baby don’t stop” over and over and over. It’s an audacious move that could have fallen flat on it’s fat face. However, instead, it is an engrossing approach that is complemented by the stomping beat and mournful and melancholic piano work.

The second thing that grabbed me is his video for ‘Baby Don’t Stop’. Telling the often sweet, and often sad, story of a person growing from child to adult, it emphasises the fragility of life with aplomb. Without giving too much away, I exhort you to watch until the end. Below.

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