New Band of the Day #127: Rust Ring

Rust Ring

Debut single ‘Finally // Blackout’ out now.

Who: Joram Zbichorski – Vocals / Guitar, Kyle Geib – Bass / Vocals, William Covert – Drums

What: Pop rock (The Replacements, Superchunk and early Merge Records).

Where: Chicago, Illinois.

Why: William Covert is a bit of a Renaissance man. On top of his commitments to playing with post-hardcore noisers Droughts and math rock instrumentalists Space Blood, he has now unveiled his latest project. Rust Ring is absolutely completely different.

Drawing on the emotional and lo-fi work of the likes of The Replacements, Superchunk, and, generally, a butt load of bands that were on Merge Records in the early 90s, the Chicago based trio mine a cathartic and melodic sonic exploration. Led by Joram Zbichorski on vocals and guitar, the first two tracks released by the group are in turn tender and raucous. I want more.

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