New Band Of The Day #13: NAAT


Self-titled debut LP out now via Argonauta Records.

Who:  The band consists of founding members of Italian rock and metal bands Antea, Lilium and Stone Smokers. No idea what their names are.

What: Instrumental post-metal (FFO: Russian Circles, God is an Astronaut, Mouth of the Architect)

Where: Genoa, Italy.

Why: Because they’re ferocious, that’s why. You might be thinking that post metal is pretty much dead what with ISIS disbanded and Cult of Luna not quite as prolific as they once were. You’d be wrong though. These lads from Genoa manage to craft a brand of post metal that is absolutely savage, but still leaves room for more deft and nuanced sonic explorations.

It’s not just a rehashing of everything that is glorious about post metal though. The quartet also add elements of sludge, doom, and black metal into their cacophonous mix. Tracks soar and pummel in equal measure. Take opener ‘T’mor Sha’, streaming below, as an example. For a good five minutes the track delves through peaks and troughs of chugs, thrills, and haymakers, before pumping on the breaks to let the song breath and evolve into a more atmospheric, but no less imposing, denouement. The result is a song that, despite it’s neat ten minute running time, never feels over long and never remains static.

Fun fact: After a little exploring we discovered that Na’at refers to poetry in praise of Allah and his Prophet Muhammed. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with NAAT though.

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