New Band of the Day #142: Russian Baths

Russian Baths

Debut EP, Penance, out February 23rd via Good Eye Records.

Who: Luke Koz, Jess Ress, Evan Gill Smith, and Jeff Widner.

What: Noise rock/post-punk/alternative rock.

Where: Brooklyn, New York.

Why: Russian Baths are on to something rather intriguing. Combining the intrinsic caustic nature of noise rock, with the angularity of British post-punk, and the sometimes dream-like vocals of shoegaze, they have created a brand of rock music that is vital, experimental, and accessible. Take new single ‘Slenderman’. It is a violent and reflective bludgeon and blast through nearly four minutes of the most engrossing rock.

As an aside, I’d never heard of ‘slenderman‘ until I started seeing a girl from Minnesota recently. She informs me that there’s nothing to worry about and that ‘slenderman’ is not real. I’m not so sure.

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