New Band of the Day #143: Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

New EP, Mercy Rule, out January 30th.

Who: Mike – Vocals/Bass, Dan – Guitars, Eric – Guitars, Dave – Drums.

What: Post-hardcore.

Where: Philadelphia, PA.

Why: Look, you can argue with me but, as far as I’m concerned, the 90s and early 00s was the best time ever for music. A perfect melding of the truly alternative and the mainstream to create something that was both palatable and batshit crazy. One such genre that exploded at the time was post-hardcore. Bands like Quicksand, Fugazi, and At The Drive-In explored a sound that was as indebted to pop melody as the ferocity of punk. The result was an anthemic and cathartic sound that is invigorating and glorious.

Philadelphia’s Birthday Boy obviously absolutely love that era too. This is brutally apparent in their track ‘Through The Sound’ which takes on the uplifting and defiant sound that Rival Schools blasted about 15 years ago. Get it in your ears.

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