New Band of the Day #144: ARTERIES


New LP, This Will Destroy Us, out now.

Who: Brendan – Vocals, Daniel – Guitar, Braithe – Guitar, Kris – Bass, and Zak – Drums.

What: Metal / Hardcore / Prog / Post-Metal / Post-Hardcore.

Where: Newtown, NSW.

Why: 2018 is a tough year to do anything remotely original in. However, ARTERIES have managed it. Combining a cavalcade of metal influences, their sound is one that is anthemic, ferocious, and, at times, rather melodic. It’s kind of like some massive orgy involving Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Deftones, and Converge. Which is just as damn sexy as it sounds to be honest. I would. Repeatedly. No lubricant. Take it.

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