New Band of the Day #145: Braincoats


New LP, 12 reasons For Self-Medication, out now.

Who: Jonathan, Anton, Simon & Elias. Charlie Lopez – Drums, 2011-2014

What: Punk rock ‘n’ roll.

Where: Uddevalla, Sweden.

Why: This is here because it reminds me of being 15. It was a good age. I spent a lot of time drinking cans of Dutch Gold in various fields around Cork. There was a golf course in Blackrock, a park in Ballinlough, and a beach in West Cork. I drank in them all. While doing so, we often listened to pop punk which was quite popular at the time.

Braincoats are highly reminiscent of those bands. But, they have an authenticity that is tough to pull off. Essentially, I believe them. They’re like some bizarre hybrid of Green Day, Bryan Adams, and the Descendents. If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s no hope for you. Later gator.

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