New Band of the Day #148: Cloud

Plays With Fire is out on March 9th via Audio Antihero.

Who: Tyler Taormina and friends.

What: Bedroom pop/dream pop.

Where: Long Island, New York.

Why: Cloud is an apt name for the bedroom pop project of Long Island’s Tyler Taormina. He crafts whirling and mesmeric songs full of tinges of dream pop, shoegaze, and major key hopefulness. For me, ‘Wildfire’ sounds like the euphoric emotion one experiences after they meet someone they think they could really love. It’s the sound of walking home with a spring in your step, perhaps doing a little booze influenced dance on the streets on the late night trot home. It’s the aural equivalent of contentment.

It is taken from his upcoming album Play With Fire which will see release through the ever-reliable Audio Antihero label.

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