New Band of the Day #149: Just Mustard

Just Mustard

Debut LP out soon.

Who: I can’t seem to find this info online. Tell us your names!

What: Alternative rock/shoegaze (The Cranberries, My Bloody Valentine, The Smashing Pumpkins).

Where: Dundalk, Ireland.

Why: Undeniably, there are an absolute slew of bands out there who are more than content to play around in the genre of shoegaze without really adding much good or band to the canon. Dundalk’s Just Mustard are not one of those bands. Combining the swirl and fuzz of shoegaze with an undeniable sense of drama and melody, the quintet craft an enormous and cathartic sound that burrows under your skin, gently croons in your ear, and pummels you around the head and face.

Two years ago they released their debut self-titled EP. A brief four song introduction to the band, the EP sets a robust foundation that attests to a band with a keen sense of noise and fury. ‘Tainted’, streaming below, is the first track to be released on their upcoming debut album. One of the most promising bands in Ireland. Not a doubt.

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