New Band of the Day #150: Tender Glue

‘With You Here’ is out now via Don’t Label Me Records.

Who: Tom Gluewicki.

What: Alternative folk.

Where: Brooklyn, NY.

Why: I wonder is Tender Glue an Everything But The Girl fan. After all, ‘Tender Glue’ is an Everything But The Girl song and not exactly a common phrase. Plus, I suspect his real name may not be Tom Gluewicki. But, you know, I’ve been wrong about things before. Sometimes. No matter.

His first release is a, unsurprisingly, tender and delicate number called ‘With You Here’. Vaguely chiming and jangling electric guitar is complemented by a simple but effective guitar lead, some minimal drums, and Tom’s own earnest and wrought vocals. It is a song that seduces with its forthrightness and simplicity. Lo-fi, heartfelt, and brittle.

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