New Band of the Day #151: George Simpson

‘Finding Myself’ is out 23rd February.

Who: George Simpson of course.

What: Folk.

Where: Melton Mowbray, UK.

Why: I’ve recently been wondering if I know my true self at all. At times I feel like a chameleon that just adapts his personality to a given situation. I hate it. It is comforting to know that British singer/songwriter George Simpson has also had a time trying to find himself.

It is the title of his upcoming single. A tender and soothing ballad about his first relationship, it explores specific moments in a relationship and that moment when you realise things are no longer working. That is an absolutely heartbreaking moment. Especially if that moment means that you inflict pain on someone you care about. It is a million times worse to hurt someone than to be hurt yourself. I know that for sure. All this gravity is aptly and delicately imbued into George’s gentle and cathartic duet with Kezia Gill. Truly soulful.

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