New Band of the Day #152: Hour

New album Tiny Houses is out now via Sleeper Records.

Who: Jason Calhoun – synth, violin, field recordings, Michael Cormier – guitar, songs, field recordings, Matt Fox – viola, Pete Gill – drums, Evangeline Krajewski – synth, and Abi Reimold – guitar .

What: Slowcore/ambient (early Low, early Red House Painters).

Where: Philadelphia, USA.

Why: What is so alluring and beautiful about melancholia and sadness? I’ve always been morbidly attracted and engaged by misery and despondency. From Kurt Cobain to Edgar Allen Poe, I simply cannot get enough of music, literature and film that plumbs the depths of the human experience. This must explain my love of slowcore. Mark Kozelek is my spirit animal.

Anyway, Hour hail from Philly and also love a bit of slowcore. However, their approach ignores low key and anguished vocals/lyrics. Instead, they utilise more varied instrumentation in the form of violins, synths, violas, and field recordings. The result is an approach that sits somewhere between slowcore and the expansiveness of post-rock. Swirling and hypnotic vibes are the order of the day with Hour. A perfect band to listen to at 4 am when you are wracked with anxiety. Good times.

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