New Band of the Day #153: Flourishes

‘Worse Than This’ is out now.

Who: Jon Dix, Beck Goldsmith, Aaron Doyle, and Chris Seddon.

What: Alternative rock (FFO: Wolf Alice, Pavement, Cournet Barnett).

Where: London, UK.

Why: Hooky 90s riffs ala Pavement/Weezer? Check! Lush vocals ala Wolf Alice? Check! A slacker vibe like Courtney Barnett? Check! Welcome to the world of Flourishes. Hailing from London in the UK, this quartet have a distinctly American vibe as they lethargically fuzz their way through many a melody and copious amounts of nods of alternative rock bands of yesteryear.

‘Worse Than This’ is the group’s debut single, as far as I know. It is a champion slice of easy melodies, simple but catchy riffs, and a sense of comfort that is enveloping.

Find Flourishes on Bandcamp.

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