New Band of the Day #156: 198X

Nineteen Eighty Equis EP is out now.

Who: Danny / Drums and Vox, Nick / Bass, and Raul / Guitar.

What: Pop punk.

Where: Miami, USA.

Why: Combining math rock flourishes, raw production, and pop punk melodies are Miami’s 198X. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the band as they submitted zero info with their track. What I can tell you is that the song is full of honest life and earnest fervor. Not content with blasting through a lot of pop punk, the group drop hints of math rock into their winning formula. So expect some tapping and flicking here and there. Only a hint, mind.

‘Down’ is gleaned from their recently released EP, Nineteen Eighty Equis. Is bags of fun and riffs. FYI, did you know that ‘equis’ is Spanish for ‘x’. Very clever.

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