New Band of the Day #158: Feralie

New EP Everything’s That Dark is out now.

Who: Tyler Bernhardt, Adam Cirillo, and Brian Fox.

What: Alternative rock (The Afghan Whigs, soul).

Where: Connecticut, USA.

Why: Do you like alt rock legends The Afghan Whigs? Why do I ask? Because, for me, Connecticut trio Feralie are in the same vein of dramatic, sultry and soul filled alternative rock. There’s a late night, whiskey-soaked, speakeasy aspect to their music that is really difficult to wedge into a style of music that is not really known for being particularly sexy.

Take ‘Special Hell’, streaming above, as a for instance. This is music for the gutter. It is music to listen to on the way home after a week long bender of debauchery and excessive excess. It drips with sweat, tears, and bad decisions. Plus, it has a reggae influenced verse that actually works.

‘Run’ is a slightly different beast. No less urgent and driving, the track seems to be more unhinged and reflective. Sporting a Radiohead inspired drum beat, the track also delves into electronica. However, it still brings cathartic vocals and an enormous chorus.

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