New Band of the Day #159: Sometime Sonny

sometime sonny

New track ‘Everybody Else’ is out now.

Who: David Robert.

What: Psych/shoegaze (Tame Impala mixed with My Bloody Valentine).

Where: Brisbane, Australia.

Why: There’s a lethargic easiness to Sometime Sonny that is charming and endearing. It kind of sounds like he’s just wandering down a street spouting out random thoughts as he goes. There are a naturalness and sincerity to his overall delivery that is pretty much impossible to fake. This is undoubtedly assisted by his wonderful lyrics. My favourite turn of phrase involves rhyming Sportage with guitars. Well, it’s a half rhyme but it works.

Musically, he sits somewhere between psych-rock and shoegaze. Normally, I find psych rock to be pretty much unbearable. But, here you had a dash of fuzz and a pinch of dreaminess and you’re left with a terrible cooking metaphor and a song with effortless charm. Go figure.

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