New Band of the Day #160: TV ME


New EP A Broadcast from TV ME is out now.

Who: Thomas McConnell, Adam Dixon, and Frankie Tibbles.

What: Psych, art pop and dream pop (Latter bay Beatles, David Bowie).

Where: Liverpool, UK.

Why: So, what can you expect from Liverpudlian trio TV ME? Well, lots of melodies and lots of experimentation. They’ve got that old school pop gene that loved to find the middle ground between weirdness and catchiness. Following in the trail of the likes of The Beatles and David Bowie, their songs are perfect examples of how you don’t have to provide the lowest common denominator to write a catchy as hell song.

Songs range from the psych-pop of ‘Stitches’ to the 80s vibe of ‘Mountain Biplane’ to the waltz of ‘Day’ and the druggy ‘Opal Fruits’. This is music full of life. Restless and plenty of fun, the songs are testament to 60 years of pop and rock music. A celebration.

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