New Band of the Day #162: HEX


New album The Hill Temple is out now.

Who: GG Van Newtown, Kiki Van Newtown, Jason Erskine.

What: Pagan folk rock.

Where: Wellington, New Zealand.

Why: As we all know, the word ‘hex’ means ‘to cast a spell’. Which is entirely apt for this Wellington-based trio. Their rock music is imbued with a witchy pagan folk element that swirls and hypnotises in equal measure. They also dole out ample amounts of classic rock and metal atop their ritualistic and elemental sound.

Their trance-like modus operandi is one that ebbs and flows as if naturally controlled by the rise and fall of the magnetic pull of the moon. Contrary to the magic and witchcraft that is all through their work, there is also a solid and earthy element that keeps the whole enterprise grounded.

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