New Band of the Day #163: Amparo


New single ‘That Was Her’ out now.

Who: Lela Amparo (everything).

What: Ambient instrumental rock.

Where: Arizona, USA.

Why: Ambient instrumental rock. That is modus operandi of Lela Amparo, who goes under her surname for her current musical project. Comprised of beautiful simplicity, her music is unassuming but gently engrossing. Her latest track ‘That Was Her’ is a testament to this. Created as a final farewell to Tucson, Arizona before Lela moved to Norway, it is definitely forlorn but also imbued with the hopefulness of possibility.

Prior to this release, Amparo dropped an EP towards the end of last year. Entitled Rains it is a more up beat an lively affair than ‘That Was Her’. Having said that, her music retains a reflectiveness and thoughtfulness that can be absent from much instrumental rock music. Her obsession is feeling rather than technicality. Her music is all the better for it.

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