New Band of the Day #164: SHITHäTT


SHITHäTT’s debut EP EP1 is out now.

Who: There’s four them. I know that much. What are your names, boys?

What: Post-hardcore/noise rock/post-punk (FFO: At The Drive-In, The Fall, “Bananarama for the apocalypse”).

Where: Ballina, Ireland.

Why: SHITHäTT, pronounced ‘shit hot’ I imagine, hail from Ballina, Mayo in Ireland. A four piece, they create an intense and frantic amalgamation of post-hardcore, noise rock, and post-punk. Particularly leaning towards post-hardcore. They gallop forth like some kind of lo-fi At The Drive-In, full of razor blade riffs and impassioned vocals that veer from vulnerable to defiant. Rumour has it that they are most excellent in a live setting. I wouldn’t bet against that.

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