New Band of the Day #165: Pip Blom

Pip Blom

Who: Pip Blom, Tender Blom, Casper van der Lans, Camiel Muiser

What: Low-fi indie pop

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Why: Pip Blom is making sun-bleached indie pop coated in gritty guitar tones and a throwaway disposition. Having only released a handful of singles and an EP, what is available to listen to will have you coming back again and again.

Doubling down on melodies, the addition of a band gives the tumbling yet perfectly curated songs a biting edge that’ll have you falling hard.

Most recently single ‘School’ is a good place to start, with Blom sneering that “it’s too late to go to school” over wiry guitar. It’s infectious, and coming in at just over 2 minutes long, Pip Blom knows how to pack a lot of punch into a short amount of time.

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