New Band of the Day #167: RHEA


Who: Jorge Van De Sande, Guillaume Lamont, Nathan Ysebaert, Matthijs Machtelinckx, Dajo Vlaeminckx, and Simon Lamont.

What: Straight up rock.

Where: Gent, Belgium.

Why: I know what you’ll say: “Jamie, this sounds a whole lot like Queens of the Stone Age!” And you wouldn’t be wrong. Not in the slightest. But it is also jam-packed with swagger, confidence, and butt loads of melodies. I swear you couldn’t fit all these melodies in anyone’s butt. No matter how large and spacious.

RHEA hail from Belgium and sport one afro and loads of big riffs. Can’t go wrong with big riffs. If only QOTSA rocked like this these days. And Josh Homme didn’t kick photographers in the face. That’d be swell.

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