New Band of the Day #168: Spielbergs


Debut EP Distant Star due for release via By The Time It Gets Dark on April 27th.

Who: Mads Baklien (guitar, vocals, synth), Stian Brennskag (bass), Christian Løvhaug (drums).

What: Alternative rock (The Replacements, Beach Slang)

Where: Oslo, Norway.

Why: Following in the footsteps of the likes of The Replacements and Beach Slang are Norwegian power-trio Spielbergs. This is fist in the air, defiant, melodic, and fuzzy as fuck. It’s an unrelenting hug. With cathartic emotion pummeling forth from the instruments and vocals, their new track ‘We Are All Going To Die’ is equal parts ‘fuck you’ and ‘help me’. Be prepared, there are another four tracks of equal measure on their upcoming debut EP, Distant Star.

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