New Band of the Day #169: Born Lion

Born Lion

New album Celebrate The Lie is out now.

Who: John – Guitar/Voices, Andres – Drums, Nathan – Bass, and Red – Guitar/Voices.

What: Rock/noise/punk.

Where: Sydney, Australia.

Why: What we’ve got here is truly a melting pot. There’s angsty punk/hardcore, frenetic math rock elements, enormous pop hooks, and so so so much energy.

‘Slowly Sinking’ all kicks off with a massive Tom Morello mid-tempo chunk of a riff. That quickly buggers off as the song launches into a breakneck bass heavy verse section led by vocals gleaned from the Ian MacKaye/Guy Picciotto handbook before the track traipses off the deep end into a brief respite before the final denouement of frenetic chaos. And those drums. Andres is a heavy hitter. Bit of an understatement. Ferociously technical and precise too though. That’s just one song. Wait until you hear the rest of the record. Good Lord.

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