New Band Of The Day #17: In Love With A Ghost

in love with a ghost

Latest EP let’s go is out now via Z Tapes.

Who:  Don’t know. Whoever it has seems to have a penchant for Japanese culture as evidenced in the project’s rather striking artwork.

What: Chillwave / Electronica (FFO: Boards of Canada, Helios, Eluvium)

Where: Paris, France.

Why: This is beautiful, atmospheric and glitchy chillwave. Vaguely melancholic and nostalgic, chilled out downtempo beats meld with rich piano and odd ambient samples (rainfall, flowing water, birds). This is music that is most definitely on the tranquil and restful side. In places looped and treated vocals give an oddly human and yet also somewhat robotic vibe to proceedings.

For the life of me, it reminds me of the soundtrack for the rather wonderful and endearing indie RPG To The Moon. Both possess a similarly hopeful tone that is akin to a warm embrace after a particularly rough day. Both enjoy simple minor key piano chords. And both are really rather arresting.

A rich and enveloping musical experience, the songs are also wonderfully evocatively titled. For evidence, see: ‘we’ve never met but, can we meet for a coffee’ or ‘when you think about her and your brain says no don’t do that’. For us, this allows us to create a whole narrative around the song while we listen.

Grab In Love With A Ghost’s music via Bandcamp. Listen to let’s go below.

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