New Band of the Day #170: Luke Biscan

Luke Biscan

‘Wish It Away’ is out now.

Who: Luke Biscan!

What: Alternative, Acoustic Rock, Folk, Soft Rock.

Where: Geelong, Australia.

Why: Luke Biscan has a somewhat unusual life story. After growing up in a religious cult in London in England, he left the confines of that environment at the age of 22 and headed to Australia. This experience has certainly imbued his music as his debut album Revivalist deals with topics such as his childhood, religion, faith, hope and belief. It is set for release later this year.

In the meantime, we have ‘Wish It Away’ to keep us sated. A tender and gentle ballad, it reflects a more restrained and discreet aspect of his songwriting. The music video for the track, streaming below, draws the listener even closer to the lyrics of the song as it takes the viewer on a journey through the woods, close to his new hometown of Geelong.

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