New Band of the Day #171: Elephant Rifle

Elephant Rifle

New album Hunk is out May 4th.

Who: Bynum, Mayhall, Neuerburg, Young!

What: Sludgy noise rock.

Where: Reno, Nevada.

Why: Anyone remember Green Jelly? The comedy punk/metal outfit from the early 90’s? Anyone? Well, Reno’s Elephant Rifle somewhat remind me of them. Although, Elephant Rifle aren’t as up front about their humour. They are, however, bringing some awesome sludgy/noisy riffs of grinding fury.

Having said that, they do have their tongues firmly in their cheeks. Check out their description of their album cover: “The record’s cover is some artsy-fartsy stuff about the duality of man or some shit. Have fun dissecting that with your roommates.” Safe to say they’re not going to make prog record that explores the themes of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde anytime soon.

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