New Band of the Day #172: Camp Counsellor

Camp Counsellor

New EP Observatory is out now.

Who: Cody Ball: Bass, Tim Kmet: Drums, John Zarcone: Guitars, Vocals !

What: Math rock/emo.

Where: Los Angeles, California.

Why: “Hang on / As I fumble and fold under my own convictions.” Wise and insightful words, and pretty much the story of my life, from the semi soaring chorus of ‘Branches’, a highlight from the debut EP from L.A. based math rock/emo outfit Camp Counsellor. Combined with this forthright rawness is an experimentation that is not overly pronounced but just enough so that the song doesn’t sink into the morass.

Smack right next to warm harmonies and huge choruses are arrangements that meander and delve into gorgeous exploration. The rest of the EP is equally charming and endearing. Listen.

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