New Band of the Day #173: Rat The Magnificent

Rat The Magnificent

New EP In the Middle is out now.

Who: Perry M Anderson, Ross Davies & Anna Dodridge.

What: Filthy post-punk.

Where: London, UK.

Why: Goddammit, I love filthy music. This is lowdown and swampy. Thunderous, propulsive bass, fuzzed guitar, motorik drums, and impassioned, swaggering vocals. This is a sweaty underground rock club at 3 am. Whiskey is flowing, revellers are staggering, and the room is shaking with the fundamental and instinctual blast of stripped back rock ‘n’ roll.

The shortest track on their In The Middle EP, which precedes a full length called The Body As Pleasure this summer, ‘Itch 2’ doesn’t hold back or pull any punches. Instead, it gracelessly plunges headlong into a swampy, murky morass of aural glory. Ear bleeding territory.

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