New Band of the Day #175: Pariuh


New EP Family Witchcraft Attack is out now.

Who: Pariuh is the creative project of Chris Dougnac and Krystle Lee.

What: “absurdist art-rock”, “collage-pop”, “full-grown pups”.

Where: Miami, FL … Founded in Boston, MA.

Why: Remember the 90s when the major labels went on a signing spree looking for the next Nirvana? Pariuh are the kind of band that would have ended up on Atlantic in that era, releasing bizarro music, and chuckling at the idiocy of the industry. Their music is a controlled flail that moves from frantic and gruesome verses to melodically rich and hooky choruses in the blink of an eye.

Their new track ‘who am i going to talk to everyday’ is a playful and seriously fun blast of some kind of post-punk. It’s on their Family Witchcraft Attack EP which came out yesterday. Check it out on Bandcamp.

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