New Band of the Day #179: Bosco Ramos

Bosco Ramos
Photo by Carrie Davenport.

New single ‘Mayflies’ out now.

Who: There’s two of them. They play drums and bass guitar.

What: Fuzzy alternative rock.

Where: Belfast, UK

Why: Calling to mind their melodic and sludgy brethren from Seattle, Belfast duo Bosco Ramos are doing a damn fine job of ploughing through a field of fuzz and melody. For me, their latest single ‘Mayflies’ sits somewhere between the Melvins and Mudhoney. Perhaps with a touch of Girl Band. There’s the fuzzy garage of Mudhoney and the tongue in cheek vocals of Buzz Osborne all over this. That’s a compliment folks. Well, some people would think it a compliment. Others might not.

Anyway, I digress. The track is their first release in just under a year since their Signs of Life EP dropped. ‘Mayflies’ is distinctive evidence that yes, there are signs of life.

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