New Band of the Day #181: Down The Middle

Down The Middle

New single ‘Green Eyed’ out now.

Who: Tiernan Browne, Rudolf Kruger, Zach Walker, and Matt Taylor.

What: Indie rock.

Where: Sydney, Johannesburg, Cork.

Why: These lads don’t beat around the bush. Comprising of lush production, a nice 90s guitar fuzz, plentiful melodies, and a laidback attitude, they provide the kind of escape that music can provide when one needs it most. Having said that, their songs also have some substance into which you can bite. If you fancy that.

Calling on the likes of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys sonically, the outfit’s latest track ‘Green Eyed’, employs a welcome bounce and verve that can often be missing from modern dour rock music. Plus, the video is great craic.

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