New Band of the Day #183: This White Light

This White Light

First single ‘Winter Flowers’ is out now.

Who: Greg Anderson/guitar (sunn O))), Goatsnake) and Jade Devitt/drums (Lucky Me, Gale Forces), Bryan Herweg/bass (Pelican) and vocals from Jen Wood (solo artist and formerly of Tattle Tale and collaborator with the Postal Service).

What: Post-metal/post-rock.

Where: Los Angeles, California.

Why: Just when you think that post-metal and post-rock have both been done to death, along come This White Light. Featuring members of sunn O))), Goatsnake, Lucky Me, Gale Forces, Pelican, Tattle Tale and a collaborator with the Postal Service, This White Light are a group who take the pummeling heft of post-metal and meld that with the delicate nature of post-rock and slowcore. The result is a dramatically enormous and beautiful sound that is soothing and yet confrontational. I’m in.

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