New Band of the Day #184: RLYR


New album Actual Existence out now.

Who: Colin DeKuiper – bass, Steven Hess – drums, and Trevor Shelley de Brauw – guitar.

What: Instrumental post-rock/post-metal.

Where: Chicago, Illinois.

Why: So, I’m going to right ahead and presume that RLYR is pronounced relayer. With that out of the way there’s a couple of other things to get to. For instance, what’s happening in Chicago? Butt loads of excellent bands flailing their way out of the Windy City these days. Post-hardcore awesomeness from Droughts, instrumental weirdness from Space Blood, and now some instrumental post-rock/post-metal from RLYR.

On top of that, the group are smashed full of pedigree with members who have played with the likes of Pelican, Russian Circles, Bloodiest, and a number of other top-notch outfits. What to expect of this amalgamation? Long, adventurous songs brimming with a variety of styles. There are some math rock flourishes, but nothing too fiddly, soaring post-rock sections, and a grit that touches on post-metal without getting overly chuggy. Their new album Actual Existence is out now and you should listen to it.

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