New Band of the Day #194: Chastity

“Watching my screen/ Watch my eyes melt/ Pick a cult/ Call it what you want”

Who: Brandon Williams

What: Indie Rock, Grunge, Post-Hardcore

Where: Whitby, ON, Canada

Why: Chastity might on paper lend the false impression that they are part of some sort of emo/post-hardcore revival asphyxiation. The harsh breaks between the noisy and the gentle, and that death-focused inner turmoil make it seem so easy to categorize and offhandedly dismiss them. Beyond initial impressions though there is a clear sonic delineation between him and those sounds. A separation which becomes apparent from the very opening seconds of “Children”. Chastity has a fascinating almost atmospheric sludge-y element to his sound which evokes the edges of something Planning For Burial or even Neurosis might do. A quality that makes Brandon feel singular in a crowded world.

Of course by virtue of his non-metal aspirations, he’s a little bit more weasley and nasally than his metal swinging cousins, but his guitars have that same crushing blissful element to them. And in service to his great treatises on suburban decay and death it works much better than sugary hooks or over-the-top guitar leads could possibly do.

On “Innocence” he belows out longing and desperation, but the absolutely pummeling instrumental beneath him makes it seem as if he’s been cast out into the rapids. A context that makes it feel as if his agony has a clock on it now. A limited amount of time in which he can beg for help.

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