New Band of the Day #195: Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell

Who: Hannah Campbell!

What: Indie folk, pop folk, singer-songwriter.

Where: Melbourne, Australia.

Why: One reason. Hannah Campbell’s timeless voice. She has one of those voices that seems to be of no particular period and time. A universal voice that would fit in any of the last six decades. Combined with this is an ability to craft simple but affecting songs that are melodic and arresting but don’t sacrifice quality for a hook. Her new song ‘Run Like Wolves’, replete with howls in the chorus, is a perfect example of this ability and her valuable intentions.

Hannah herself says it better than I ever could, “Right now there’s so much frustration being felt around how to navigate violence against women, the pay gap, and respect, and the intersectionality of all these things. It’s so easy to feel powerless. I’m hoping that ‘Run Like Wolves’ makes people feel empowered.”

Hopefully, she is just getting started.

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